The digital exam – for all new starters

With digital professionals being in such high demand, a lot of companies settle for anyone who will come to an interview and seems to know what they are talking about. At a previous company, we debated setting an exam for all prospective employees just to understand their level of experience and passion for marketing/digital.

Whenever I interview anyone, the key thing I look for is a connection or the personality of that person. It is better to have someone that will be a great cultural fit than someone who won’t get involved with the company. Also, experience is important, but not critical. It is something that can be learned on the job.

A key measure of their passion for digital is a must and there are ten key questions that can help you gauge their level of passion:

  1. Which blogs do you read regularly?
  2. Are you familiar with feed readers? What do you use?
  3. Have you ever created a blog or written a post?
  4. How often do you comment on blogs?
  5. Have you ever uploaded a video to YouTube?
  6. Have you ever uploaded digital photos to a site like Flickr?
  7. What social networks do you belong to? Do you use them for personal, professional or both?
  8. Do you use your mobile for anything other than making calls?
  9. Do you have accounts on any microblogging sites such as Twitter, Jaiku or Pownce?
  10. What is your favourite website or the website you spend the most time on?

Very simple questions, but it will provide a quick view into whether someone is passionate about digital and whether you do want to employ them.

Written by Dominique Hind

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