Why blog? Data repository, search tests & a PR machine!

To be honest, I had three motivations for starting this blog.

The first was to capture all of my thoughts in one central location rather than having them in seven different social bookmarking sites or social networks. We are always telling our clients they need a single customer database, so this blog is my single thought database….

The second was to do a search optimisation test. I am fascinated by search and constantly craving more knowledge about it. An old wives tale (or industry myth) about search engine optimisation is that it takes 2 – 3wks for a blog to be found by a search engine where as it takes up to 3mths for a website. I wanted to test the 2 – 3wks theory.

On day 2 of this blog, I did a search for ‘Dominique Hind’ and it was already the top ranked site and the supporting posts were ranked underneath it. I was amazed and also a little excited.

The third reason was that for most of my career, people knew me by my maiden name, Dominique Layton. I had written a lot of articles, contributed to a lot of posts, judged a lot of award shows, spoken at a lot of events and when I changed my name all of this PR and brand value (he he) was lost. But now, with blogging you can create your own PR and build on your brand value with worrying about what your name use to be or where you use to work. A blog is all you need to promote yourself and your thoughts.

So if/when I ever apply for another job, I will not be sending a CV through, I will be sending a link to my blog because it gives prospective employees an overview of who I am, what I am interested in and what I believe in without them ever having to meet me. They can judge if I am a good fit for them and potentially I can judge if I fit with them.


So in summary, blogging is not only a very cleansing activity, it is great to house all of your knowledge within the one central place, it allows you to conduct search tests on particular keywords and influence rankings on your own brand, and it also allows you to manage your own PR! Why wouldn’t you blog?

Written by Dominique Hind


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