Attitudes differ between Generations – Harris Interactive

Harris Interactive have recently done a survey (in the US called Rethinking retirememnt) on the different types of attitudes between different generations. The generation classifications are as follows:

  • Generation Y, aged 13 to 31
  • Generation X, aged 32 to 43
  • Baby Boomers, aged 44 to 62
  • Silent Generation, aged 63 to 83
  • Greatest Generation, aged 84 or older.

Some of the key findings of the survey around attitude :

  • Society impact: Baby Boomers (35%) are most widely viewed as having a positive effect on society, followed by Generation X (25%)
  • Socially conscious: There is no consensus as to which generation is most socially conscious, but Baby Boomers (34%) and Generation X (26%) top the listAdmired: The Silent Generation (33%) and the Greatest Generation (30%) are the most widely admired generations, followed by Baby Boomers (22%)
  • Generous: The Silent Generation (40%) and Baby Boomers (33%) are widely viewed as the most generous
  • Productive: The two generations widely seen as the most productive are Baby Boomers (45%) and Generation X (32%)
  • Self-indulgent: A 53% majority (including a majority of Gen Y itself) believe Generation Y is the most self-indulgent, followed by Generation X (25%)
  • Innovative: A 41% plurality sees Generation X as the most innovative, followed by Baby Boomers (25%) and Generation Y (22%)


  • Gen Y would like to rename themselves the “Internet Generation” (32%). They really dislike being called “Generation Y” or “Millennials”
  • Gen X would choose to rename themselves “Generation Tech” (25%). They dislike being called “Generation X”;
  • Baby Boomers are the only generation which seems to really like the name given to them (27%)
  • The Silent Generation would re-name themselves the “Responsible Generation” (44%). They strongly dislike being called “Silent” or “Invisible”.
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One Response to Attitudes differ between Generations – Harris Interactive

  1. attitudes will always differ..we live in different times with different technology and economy. Kids change the world asthey are brought up different with each coming generation. We learn at home by watching and being a part of …not what we are told. carol stanley author of For Kids 59.99 and Over

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