AIMIA Social Media & User Generated Content session

Yesterday morning I spoke at the AIMIA Social Media & User Generated Content session. Apparently it was one of the best turn outs for their sessions. There were a couple of familiar industry faces, but not too many. When asked to speak, I thought it would be great: get in, speak for 15mins and then get out, but it wasn’t like that. There were four speakers, each talking on different topics for 15mins each and then an hour of questions answered by the panel.

The speakers were:

  • Francisco Cordero, GM of Bebo AU & NZ
  • Michela Ledwidge, MD of MOD Films
  • Andrew Cordwell, Director of Sales of FOX Interactive Media (MySpace)
  • Myself (Dominique Hind)
  • Moderated by Ross Dawson, Chairman of Future Exploration Network

It was interesting learning more about Bebo and their recent virtual reality shows (The Gap Year, Kate Modern, Sofia’s Diary, The Secret World of Sam King, Conquering Demons). MOD Films is a really interesting company and worth checking out. Michela has a lot of interesting learnings from so many different areas of film and system architecture. A few of the reference sites to look at are:

My presentation focused on the 5 Characters of Social Marketing.

The questions that came up were:

  1. What were our thoughts on the future of social networking and niche social networks?
  2. Would the larger social networks provide the tools to develop the niche sites?
  3. What was our view on 2D vs 3D social networks? Would the two eventually merge?
  4. What were our thoughts on widget tracking?
  5. What were our thoughts on metrics and the future standardisation of metrics?
  6. What were our thoughts on content and the production costs?
  7. What are we doing to educate the industry so Australia can lead rather than being a fast follower?
  8. What do we think are going to be important factors into the future?

Stay tuned for comments and responses to all of the above.

The important things for the future in social networking are going to be understanding the audience and ensuring the messages are relevant to the audience – delivering the right message at the right time through the right medium (device). All of the DM principles that we so often forget.

Written by Dominique Hind

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