Coles Supermarket – great email communications & templates

After looking at the Tesco emails, I thought it would be a good experiment to see if any Australian retailers/supermarkets are doing emails well. Coles is probably the best place to start as they have recently revamped their emails and also repositioned Coles Online to be (I think that’s a great thing – one umbrella brand without any sub-brands, so easy for the consumer to remember when they are going online).

Currently, Coles send out a weekly email and most elements of the emails are consistent. The only exclusion being for promotional emails. The Coles email structure is:

  • Coles logo
  • Key navigation on the right-hand side
  • Anchor links to email articles/sections
  • Heading including images
  • Hero promotion
  • Staff introduction
  • Weekly offers
  • Competition/promotion (if relevant)
  • Recipes
  • Support service (contact details and links)
  • T&Cs

Below is an example of a bespoke email that was sent out during the Olympics, it follows some of the above but not all.

Coles email 2

Coles promotional email

Below are examples of the standard Coles weekly emails:

Coles email
Coles weekly email
Coles email 3

Coles weekly email (alternate week)

Below is a section of the email showcasing the offers and recipe.

Coles email details

Coles email details - page 2

Below is my favourite section of the newsletter. Coles is actually showing they are there for their customers if they get stuck. The links to other Coles sites is a great way to drive traffic to their sister companies.

Coles support - contact and links

Coles support - contact and links

Below is an example of the T&Cs in one of the weekly emails. They are so long and could easily be a link rather than so much text/copy.

Coles T&Cs

Coles T&Cs

Collection of the subject lines – there is no consistency with the subject lines. Fingers crossed Coles are testing subject lines to see which ones are getting the highest click through rates.

From email address


Overall, I think Coles are doing a great job with their emails and there are only a few things that these emails can do to improve:

  1. HTML link at the top of the email
  2. T&Cs link rather than a few paragraphs
  3. Subject line consistency
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3 Responses to Coles Supermarket – great email communications & templates

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  2. Tim Fewster says:

    Good summary, it is going to be interesting to see how the printed catalog promotional activities either align or differentiate form the online activity

  3. Andy says:

    If you look at the catalogue function on the new coles site you will see it is an endeca based viewer giving individual product pages of each item and is a massive step forward on many of the flash based viewers being used by retailers

    This technology is available for all retailers

    for more info contact me on

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