Brands engaging a niche community – Blackmores

After being involved with the Blackmores running festival on the weekend (great event), I was sent an email earlier in the week directing me through to the B Your Best website to get a free health check. Before receiving that email I hadn’t visited the site before, but really wish I had. The great thing about it is that you don’t need to purchase any Blackmores products to be part of the site. The core focus is the Blackmores running festival with a hint of health and wellbeing (obviously).

It is a great site and has been really well thought out and shows a thorough understanding of the running community. There are links to photos from the race day, there is a run split calculator and there are links to Blackmores ambassadors (people who have trained for the different events). Below are a few screens and areas of the site that I think are great.

Blackmores B your Best home page as at 23 September 2008

Blackmores B your Best home page as at 23 September 2008

When you sign up, it asks you a few questions to help profile and find the event that is right for you (4km, 9km, 21km or 42km). Based on that info it updates the training profile and shows the current day challenge to help you achieve the goals.

Blackmores B your Best Challenge Stats

Blackmores B your Best Challenge Stats

After updating my challenge, my training program appears and allows me to either select completed or uncompleted on everyday – helping to track your progress (and also making you return to the website continuously).

Blackmores B your Best Training Program

Blackmores B your Best Training Program

There is a prepopulated area on the site for ‘Ask a Trainer’ questions. Where there are different subjects (limited based on a drop down) and questions relating to the subjects. This would have been the perfect placement for a personal training company to join forces with Blackmores and either offer advice (respond within a 24hr period) or live chat sessions.

Blackmores B your Best Ask a trainer

Blackmores B your Best Ask a trainer

My favourite niche community site is Nike+ because it provides the platform for like minded individuals to join a community, compete against peers or people they don’t know and also track their progress. This site really does compete (particularly when you compare what Nike has in their marketing budget to Blackmores).


This website was specifically created with the Blackmores running festival in mind. There is a huge opportunity for Blackmores to own all of the running events in Australia. When I went in and set up my challenge, it would have been great if I could have selected the Canberra marathon or the next running event.

There is a huge opportunity for Blackmores to extend this out to be bigger than just their brand and include personal trainers, fitness professionals and other complimentary fitness brands. Maybe a fitness first or a large personal training company would be the ideal partner.

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2 Responses to Brands engaging a niche community – Blackmores

  1. Jonas Brook says:

    I totally agree about the opportunity that Blackmore’s has. I am not sure who concepted and built this site, but for arguments sake, lets assume that it was one of Blackmore’s advertising agency here in Australia.

    As an advertiser, I think we automatically see how we could push what a company does a little farther. I think you commented earlier that Australian companies want the case study to demonstrate the “value” before they entertain participating in an inovative digital marketing initiative.

    I would like to that the agency who sold this idea in to Blackmore’s, begged to extend the idea beyond this event, however, fell short in conveying the “value” to the Brand becuase it didn’t translate into $. I wonder – was it Blackmore’s who didn’t see the opportunity, or was it the agencies inability to sell it in….but that isn’t the point I am trying to make.

    So, like most advertisers, they stopped there. This is the biggest shortfall of advertising industry. If you have an idea that is great – don’t shelve it. Sell it to somone else. Make sure that contractually you own the IP, reskin it and give Nike a call!

    Too many good ideas are wasted on current clients who think they know better than you. Agencies spend thousands thinking of new ideas, while they could learn from the old expression “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. Go find a new client that sees the same treasure as you do.

  2. Marylyn says:

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