Online star struck – Dell IdeaStorm

My best blogging moment happened earlier this week, Vida Killian (Dell IdeaStorm manager) posted a comment on my Dell post where I outlined Dell‘s journey to listening. I was so excited and star struck at the same time – everyone in my office heard about it, as well as any of my interested friends (sorry).

The reason I was so excited was that I had only been writing my blog for five weeks and I already had the Dell IdeaStorm manager responding to one of my posts. As a blogger you want your posts to be read and enjoyed by other people, but when it is the manager of a site you have been holding up as best practice for so long, the thrill is even better.

The other reason I was so excited was that it showed Dell really are listening to what people are saying and their team of people they hired to listen to conversations around the world do capture everything.

In response to Vida posting a comment, I emailed her and within 24hrs she had replied to my email – what a week! In her email she provided me with a little more insight into how Dell had managed to make this massive cultural change. The key themes were:

  • Learn from mistakes – Dell learnt the hard way, but they were one of the first companies to do this and they have definitely learnt from their mistakes to be one of the pioneers. A lot of companies talk about test and learn, but Dell are actually doing it.
  • Embrace negatives – any negative customer experience can be changed into a positive. If companies know about the negative, they can resolve it. It’s the negative experiences you don’t hear about that hurt the company. Dell are listening to the negatives and sorting them out with the customer.
  • Top down – the cultural change was led by Michael Dell. He, personally, was responding and listening to what people were saying and encouraged the rest of Dell to get involved.
  • DNA – Listening to customers is core to Dell’s DNA – it’s their focus and their vision. Dell have a focus and all employees know what is expected of them.

I love Dell, or at least their embracing marketing practices. All companies can learn a lot from them.

If you want to read more about Dell, read my post on Dell’s journey to listening. The post that led to this post.

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