US Political Campaign – Social networks

Throughout the 2008 US Presidential election campaign, a lot of focus has been put on Obama and his marketing campaign. There has been a particular focus on how he has used online channels to communicate his message. Very little attention has been paid to what Joe Biden is doing online.

I was doing a search and found that Joe Biden has his own YouTube Channel (see screen grab below) and his own supporter network – captured via website and retained via email (see screen grabs below).

Joe Biden YouTube Channel

Joe Biden YouTube Channel

Joe Biden Website

Joe Biden Website

Joe Biden Contribute Data Capture

Joe Biden Contribute Data Capture


Why is this relevant to Australian Politicians? It shows that the US Politicians are nurturing their campaigns. They aren’t setting and forgetting about them – they are constantly updating content and engaging with the audience.


Key learnings from Joe Biden’s online activity:

  1. Involvement – Even the deputy is actively involved in promoting their views online
  2. Consistency – ongoing updates and coverage
  3. Innovation – trying new things.
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2 Responses to US Political Campaign – Social networks

  1. CJ says:

    If you want REAL social media power, what about engaing the whole world in a vote …

  2. Dom O says:

    The upside if they lose: a very profitable career in televangelism! – I joined the mailing lists of a couple of candidates, and it seemed like they were all more interested in raising a buck than expending any real news or information.

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