What’s working on my blog? Stats update

I’m a frustrated accountant and with that comes a love for numbers, whether they be campaign stats, JCRs or my own blog stats. I have had a couple of conversations with people about my blog stats, what’s working, what hasn’t, what I need to continue to do and what the average daily traffic is.

I haven’t done any in-depth campaign analysis or planning for what I need to be doing to drive more traffic based on popular posts, search terms or referring URLs. Below are all of the stats that relate to my blog and some key learnings and actions I have taken out of reviewing these stats (scroll to the bottom for learnings).


Dom Hind Blog Traffic Day - as at 1 November

Dom Hind Blog Traffic Day - as at 1 November

The huge spike was due to people investigating my blog after I commented on other popular blogs about topics I had written posts on. Traffic over the weekend dips, but as soon as new content is added on the Monday it usually goes up to higher levels than the previous Monday (except while I was on holiday when there was no new content).


Dom Hind Blog Traffic Week - as at 1 November

Dom Hind Blog Traffic Week - as at 1 November

The peak was due to offline media coverage (Australian article and new job notification). The second peak is due to the commenting on others blogs, as detailed above.


Dom Hind Blog Referers - as at 1 November

Dom Hind Blog Referrers - as at 1 November

StumbleUpon has been the biggest driver of traffic to my blog. StumbleUpon is used as a downtime tool, therefore meaning the users spend more time investigating your blog (more time reading multiple posts). The other big driver of traffic is social networks (my own dedicated area). Within each social network, I have updated my URL or even my status to include my blog URL.


Dom Hind Blog search terms - as at 1 November

Dom Hind Blog search terms - as at 1 November

The most popular search terms that are driving traffic through are different derivatives of my name, whether it is my name by itself, connected to the blog, the blog URL or misspellings of my name. Overall, there have been 167 ‘Dominique Hind‘ related searches that have driven traffic to my blog. It is interesting that there haven’t been any searches for ‘Dominique Layton‘, my maiden name. The other search terms aren’t driving a high volume of traffic through to the site, but one thing to note is that there are so many different combinations.


Dom Hind Blog top posts - as at 1 November

Dom Hind Blog top posts - as at 1 November

The posts that have received the most traffic are around my credentials: Who am I? Where have I been? Industry involvement. This makes sense due to me changing jobs. The non-me related posts that have driven the most traffic are around: emails, driving traffic, Dell Idea Storm, training and viral. It’s interesting that people are interested in email and what’s working [note to self: write more email related posts].


Dom Hind Blog Top clicks - as at 1 November

Dom Hind Blog Top clicks - as at 1 November

I’m really happy that Downstream is the number one clicked through site. The interesting thing is that there are only two links to Downstream in my blog: one on the Where have I been? page right at the bottom and the other in the blogroll under search. It shows that some people are reading all of the content in Where have I been?.


  1. Offline coverage – This is definitely the biggest driver of traffic to my blog. I need to invest more time in writing offline pieces to help drive traffic online.
  2. Weekend traffic – As expected over the weekend, the traffic dips to an all time low. A lot of people aren’t looking at work related blogs or information over the weekend. To try and keep traffic consistent, it’s the perfect time to comment on blogs in the US/UK where there is a bigger population and potentially play the numbers game.
  3. Monday traffic – Traffic to my blog is always highest on a Monday, usually after I have had time to prepare a new post over the weekend. To make sure this continues, I need to ensure there is a new blog post every Monday to get people in the behaviour of checking my blog when they get back into the office.
  4. Commenting – When you comment on other blogs, it really does help to drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog (second only to offline coverage). Before I went on holiday, I spent some time on the weekend commenting on others blogs, the following week the traffic was really high even without any new content. I need to comment more on other blogs.
  5. StumbleUpon – Submit your site to StumbleUpon. After you have written what you think will be a popular posts, submit it to StumbleUpon. One thing to be careful of is not over submitting. I submitted every post on my blog and the traffic being directed through halted for three weeks and has only recently starting directing traffic again. My learning from this is being more consistent with submitting rather than submitting multiple posts at the same time.
  6. Social networks – Whenever you join a new social network, make sure you reference your blog URL. Interested friends, colleagues and associates will go and check out what you are writing about (even if it is only once). Tweets don’t drive traffic, but having your URL in your Twitter profile works. Updating your status and including your blog URL helps to drive a lot of traffic.
  7. Own name – The biggest driver of traffic from search has come from my name. Therefore, showing that most traffic is coming to understand who I am and what I have done (most would be attributed to starting a new job). It shows that a blog is the best CV you can have (more on that later).
  8. Tagging – Users arrive at my blog through so many different keyword combinations. It’s hard to tell what the most popular ones would be, so it’s important to include as many different tags and combinations on every post.
  9. Popular posts – The marketing posts that have been the most popular are about email, driving traffic, Dell Idea Storm, training and viral marketing. I need to make sure I am writing more of these posts and then referring to them on others blogs.

Overall, it’s so interesting assessing all elements of your blog and looking at what else you can be doing.


Written by Dominique Hind (nee Layton)

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12 Responses to What’s working on my blog? Stats update

  1. Julia says:

    Hi great information and thanks for sharing. There is always so much to learn and do. Have a great weekend.
    Sunshine Coast Australia

  2. Jen says:

    Interesting stuff!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting there: http://jennifer-roland.blogspot.com

  3. karooch says:

    You’ve got some valuable info there Dom. Pretty impressive considering you ‘haven’t done any in-depth analysis’.
    All of your strategies listed are effective and if you’re trying to get a new blog off the ground you pretty much have to do them all.
    I have found StumblUpon is a brilliant way t kicki start your blog because it often takes a while before you really start to draw some big numbers from Google. But there’s a knack to getting the most out of StumbleUpon without blowing it. That’s why I found the free Traffic Rush course to be so brilliant. if any of your readers want to know more abot this course they can read my review of in here

  4. Nathan says:

    Hi Dom,

    Interesting to see whats working for you. I’m currently wrestling with a blog dilemma and asking of myself how much time I should be spending if I go down this route. It really is a question around objectives and ROI for time spent; assuming there are some professional development objectives at play.

    With this in mind, how many hours per week do you think your blog requires to maintain? (Reading included).

    Theres an interesting post on Wired arguing that “Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004”. And yes, ironcically this was posted on a blog.


    Indeed the above networks are considerably less taxing of one’s time and require a less concerted and consistent effort to maintain.

    I see your maintaining a myriad of networks and concede that personally until the industry ramps up open social and the aggregators that will flow from this, the time costs may just be too high for some.

    I’m leaning towards more of a twitter based approach as I belive this matches my time and my potential audience’s attention span.

    P.S. I found you post through the new LinkedIn WordPress plugin 😉


  5. sohotrightnow says:

    Hey Dom,

    Very interesting post. Can you explain why Twitter wasn’t driving traffic? I find whenever I twitter on my site I get on average 6 views each time.

    Keep posting!

    Greg Beazley

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  7. BKOsOsuper says:

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  8. Steven says:

    That is a great break down of your blog traffic. I am new to the blogging world and learn how to drive traffic to my blog. Thanks for the warning about StumbleUpon. I will be careful submitting my posts.

    Steven :O)


  9. fornls says:

    After reading this, I to o have started checking the stats of my blog.

    Though it had miniscule traffic compared to yours, the stats over a period of a year are very useful. They made me understand so many things about website traffic, search engine optimization, etc.. that I never knew before.

    I even wrote blog posts on “Blog stats and Udpates”. When I google for “blog stats updates”, your article comes first and mine second. Very cool learning.

  10. RaiulBaztepo says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  11. Russia says:

    Hey very nice blog!! Man .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

  12. GuireefeK says:

    Strange this post is totally unrelated to what I was searching goggle for, but it was listed on the first page. I guess your doing something right if Google likes you enough to put you on the first page of a non related search.

    pro gaming chair

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