Day 1. Hungry for more info

Day 1 in a new job is always hard. You don’t know the process, the people or the way things are done. It is different to what you are use to and at times you definitely feel unsure of what to do next. I can happily say that day 1 for me was wonderful.

The top five reasons for it being wonderful were:

  1. Familiar – I had met a few of the people and the digi team prior to my arrival.
  2. Team – The digi team are all so nice and easy going that I’m sure I will slot straight into the team.
  3. Lunch – Andy and Jay took me to lunch at the Italian place (I’m very big on first day lunches).
  4. Meetings – I had was invited to meetings, which meant I got to meet more people and exposed to more of the clients.
  5. View – I can see the whole Sydney Harbour Bridge if I turn my head 45 degrees. 


When you start a new job, make sure you are prepared before you get there.

  • Meet as many people in the team as you can before hand 
  • Make sure you have a lot of meetings organised
  • Invite yourself to lunch.

2 Responses to Day 1. Hungry for more info

  1. Granleese says:

    Hope your first week goes smoothly 🙂

  2. Jay says:

    Great to hear –


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