Driving traffic to your blog – collection of posts

After moving into a new house and changing jobs, I don’t actually have Internet connection at home. It is driving me crazy because I can’t keep my blog updated with thoughts.

I saw a great post from someone for driving traffic while they were on holiday – creating a post with references to previous posts they had written. Seeing I am on Internet holiday, I thought I would do the same for driving traffic to your blog. 

I have done several experiments with social networks, blog commenting, internal emails and article mentions to see what drives the most traffic. Here are the posts that detail the learnings:

  • What’s working on my blog? Stats update – this post provides an indepth view of my blog traffic and all of the stats for my blog, particularly looking at where the traffic is coming from (most popular social networks and other websites) and what people are clicking on while on my blog. 
  • Traffic driver with results – commenting on blogs – this post looks at how commenting on others blogs drives spikes in traffic. It is absolutely amazing how much of a spike it can create.
  • Driving traffic to your blog – what works? – this post provides an overview of what I have done to try and drive more traffic to my blog. What social networks I have subscribed to, what search engines submitted the blog to and other tricks. 
  • PR vs email – what drives more blog traffic?– this post compares traffic between an article in The Australian and an internal email (at M&C and Leo’s). Very interesting comparison showing that the internal emails drive more traffic. 
  • The impact of word of mouth – this post goes into a few more details about the traffic the internal emails generated. 


The top learnings from reviewing traffic are: 

  1. Nurturing – any blog needs constant nurturing and must be cared for. You can’t just let it go stale. 
  2. Involvement – you have to be involved in the blogging community and also all new social marketing sites. To drive traffic you need to spend the time understanding what else is out there and how you can get involved. 
  3. Consistent – you can’t have one week on, two weeks off. It is very damaging for your blog traffic and creates massive spikes. 
  4. Multiple mediums – you need to use more than just online media to drive traffic to your website. At every opportunity try and push your blog at every presentation, every email (put it in the signature) and even on your business card.

4 Responses to Driving traffic to your blog – collection of posts

  1. Hi Dominique. I used StumbleUpon Advertising for the first time yesterday. It’s too early to draw any real conclusions on the exercise yet, I’m going to give it a while – the real value in the exercise is if the paid spot goes viral.

    Any other readers of this blog have any experience using this avenue?

  2. Hi,
    What exactly do you mean by ‘submitting’ your blog to a search engine? How does that work?


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  4. everything you said is true. excellent post. thanks

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