6 Responses to Who is Ben Self? Obama’s social marketing guy

  1. Thanks for this post Dominique. Some really interesting stats. This would have been a great campaign to work on.

  2. Ben Phillips says:

    The search stat is stunning, but it is part of a wider picture.

    Search is often “the pointy end of the funnel”, with all of the publicity and other promotion being key in building the desire to seek out information (and contribute money) via Google.

    In this case, the search activity is critical as a conversion medium, which operates in conjunction with the others. While the search ROI is impressive no matter how you look at it, the other channels played a vital role achieving it.

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  4. David says:

    that is an amazing wrap up of the social campaign, a few other site talk in brief about why it was successful but dont connect the dots.

    Its interesting to see that campaign focused around avoiding the typically lazy “click here” links that people use. Another point i found interesting was that they requested $5 where in Australia they are usually chasing $2 or more as its tax deductible… So that explains how they can collect so much more for charity/campaigns when they are chasing a higher amount from the start.

  5. Paulo Rosa says:

    The article is really astonishing and help explain why Obama’s campaign was so successful – quite impressive figures!
    Ben Self’s digital agency name, though, is not Blue Star but Blue State.

  6. KFB says:

    A lot of your information is severely wrong. Ben Self is THE founder of Blue STATE Digital, not Blue Star Digital; Blue State, as in states that are deemed ‘blue’ are democratic, further meaning that he helps democratic politicians with the digital aspects of their campaigns. He started working with Obama and his campaign, Obama for America, in early 2006, not 2007 – why would he work on a campaign from Jan ’07- Jan ’09 if he was elected in Nov ’08, just a thought.

    Additionally, your overall ‘performance review’ got to be a bit confusing towards the end in such statements as, “Obama touched 25% of all voters in the last few days of the campaign. That is a huge number and can sway a vote.” Touched 25% of all voters…or did you mean to say reached out? Or are you referring to him making contact with 25% of his SUPPORTERS which actually would not be him ‘swaying votes’.

    In total, if you are going to blog about politics and luncheons that you attend, you might consider enlisting an editor and fact checker to proof read your entries, so you don’t seem to be completely full of it, recklessly publishing incorrect information to the public, and thus misinforming your readers or anyone else, such as myself, who stumbles upon your blog whom may not have enough common sense to look into the garbage you post to see if what you are writing about is actually factual.

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