The Economics of Advertising – Justin Hind’s blog

OK, this is a shameless plug for Justin Hind’s blog – the Economics of Advertising.

Whenever I was sitting on the couch, watching TV, listening to Justin and typing on my blog, Justin could never understand my fascination with writing articles that people may or may not read. After setting up his blog and writing a few posts, he finally realises the addiction of blogging.

The addiction to blogging steams from so many different elements – most of them are around the stats:

  • Visitors: Understanding who is coming to your blog and what days are the most popular
  • Popular posts: What is the most popular post? What is the most popular post topic?
  • Traffic drivers: How people are finding your blog? Is is via search, direct type in, links from comments or others blogs?
  • Reactions: What are people’s reactions to your posts? What posts generate the most comments? Are the comments negative or positive?

Back to the plug: Justin is passionate about all things ROI and driving campaign results – a huge focus of most clients at the moment.  My recommendation is to subscribe to his blog. He gives a different perspective on things because he understands advertising and the pros and cons of all channels – online and offline.

Economics of Advertising - Justin Hind

Economics of Advertising - Justin Hind


This is another of my traffic driving experiments.

  • How much traffic can my blog actually drive through to his blog?
  • How many people sign up to updates via email?
  • How many people search ‘Justin Hind’ and arrive at my blog?
  • How many people search ‘Economics of Advertising’ and arrive at my blog?
  • How many people comment on this post?
  • How many people tell me they have now seen Justin’s blog?

Stay tuned because I will be writing a post on my blog stats in the next week. This test will be part of what I write about. I am absolutely fascinated by the results. It’s so interesting seeing what does and doesn’t drive traffic through to blogs.

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4 Responses to The Economics of Advertising – Justin Hind’s blog

  1. Greg Beazley says:

    I couldn’t refuse this invite and I know what you mean about the addiction of blogging. Glad to help out on the traffic front for you too Dom.
    Greg 🙂

  2. Oh you are so right about the addiction to blogging. I was terrified to put myself out there in front of the “world.” It is totally fascinating to see where people come from, which post are read the most and which links they click on from your blog.
    My blog seems to be all over the place but I talk about or post where I feel lead for the day, whether it be about what I do, think, feel, or find to share.
    And by the way I look at Justin’s blog and signed up, very interesting.

  3. CJ says:

    Ah, when commerce and brands (e.g. The HIND brand) enter social media. We are all doomed!

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