Summary of Obama’s marketing material

In 2008, the year belonged to Obama. Every country was touched by something Obama was doing online. He was everywhere, using a variety of online tactics – everything from smear campaigns to ongoing email campaigns that encouraged donation to rallying support on a number of social networks. His campaign was exhaustive.

Examples of his marketing efforts are captured in this presentation.


  1. Leverage communities & networks – majority of Obama’s campaign was focused on friend get friend (FGF) and encouraging others to show their support whether through donation or rallying others.
  2. Consistent presence – the ongoing one-to-one communications didn’t let up. There was (and still is) a constant flow of emails from everyone in the Obama camp. Emails came from Michelle Obama to Joe Biden to Al Gore.
  3. Lack of Obama involvement – there weren’t many times when Obama was involved. It was obvious that a ghost writer was controlling the campaign. It would have been nice to recieve more from Obama. The only thing he was involved in was producing the videos.
  4. Candidate usage – no marketing collateral was produced that didn’t have direct reference to Joe or Obama. Candidates images were constantly used to ensure people had a connection.


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  3. US Political Campaigns – Social Networks
  4. What can Australian Politicans learn from the US?
  5. Australian Policitian’s – where are you online?
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