Vote Earth 2009 – Join the Movement

There are less than two weeks left until Earth Hour.

The last few days have been dedicated to try and get people behind Vote Earth. Between Justin and my friends, I think they are truely over it. BUT, there is one thing that will stop me from spamming and promoting it, go to the Vote Earth website and join the Friend Connect (or Earth Connect as we like to call it) group.

Vote Earth 2009 homepage

Vote Earth 2009 homepage

Vote Earth 2009 Friend Connect

Vote Earth 2009 Friend Connect

The Friend Connect element went live at 8.30pm on Thursday, 13th March 2009 – 15 days before Earth Hour. As at 11.30am on Sunday, 15th March there are 335 people who have connected. By Earth Hour, we are hoping to have that up into the millions…..eick! It is going to be the one place that everyone interested in having their say about global warming can go.

Google have even investigated the Friend Connect element to ensure it could support 1,000,000,000 people. It can, so we need to try and make sure we extend their service.


  • Join the movement – register on the Vote Earth site
  • Friend Connect – let’s try and get the Friend Connect service to have so many people that it falls over (sorry Google, but people like a challenge)
  • Have your say – make sure you write a comment. All comments on the site are being used to contribute to 1 billion words that we want to collect for Copenhagen.


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2 Responses to Vote Earth 2009 – Join the Movement

  1. Roul says:

    Hey! Paying a visit! Anyway… have u been to Earth Hour Malaysia Online Broadcast site?

    it’s here:

    Watch the interviews and the making of Earth Hour Malaysia, there!

    Once again, thanks for blog hopping!

  2. Tim says:

    My kids are big into Earth Hour but my skepticism was heightened when I saw Lewis Hamilton – F1 GP World Champion pictured with a candle. Give me a break!


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