BP & the environment – Talk stopped long ago

BP Australia have recently developed a website that showcases all of the environmental issues they are addressing, both locally and globally. The site is a great initative and focuses on the local initatives that BP are focusing on in the Australian market. On the site, all of the global initatives are listed.

The site is ‘talk stopped long ago’.

BP Talk Stopped Long Ago - microsite

BP Talk Stopped Long Ago - microsite

BP Talk Stopped Long Ago - microsite

BP Talk Stopped Long Ago - microsite

One of the sections of the site that allows users to interact with it is ‘save more than fuel’ within the what you can do section (see screens below).

BP Save More Than Fuel

BP Save More Than Fuel

BP Save More Than Fuel

BP Save More Than Fuel

BP Save More Than Fuel

BP Save More Than Fuel

BP Save More Than Fuel

BP Save More Than Fuel



  • Environment, environment, environment: every company, even petrol companies, are getting behind it. Would be great if there could be an environmental standard, similar to the heart foundation to show who is doing something worth while and who is just saying it.
  • Local focus showcasing global: it’s great to see a local site that has been developed to show all of the local environment initatives, as well as highlight the global initatives that BP are undertaking.
  • User interaction increases engagement: I wouldn’t have engaged or spent the time on the ‘save more than fuel’ application if there weren’t things that could be updated and changed. If there is an important point that you (or a company) wants to make, look at how you can make it interactive.




Written by Dominique Hind

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4 Responses to BP & the environment – Talk stopped long ago

  1. Ben Phillips says:

    Green is the new black

  2. dominiquehind says:

    Sure is Phillips, but we just need to ensure it pushes through from the top to the bottom of the company. Too many companies are saying they are doing things for the environment, when in reality it is just lip service to make sure that consumers feel good about buying their products.

    A quick reality check, how can a petrol company be doing enough to make a positive impact after all the damage they do? Any petrol companies out there want to comment?

  3. jjprojects says:

    Yep, that’s an interesting question, given the core of their business still involves fossil fuels. In producing sites like this, they obviously aren’t afraid of public criticism of greenwashing, or that they aren’t doing enough.

    There is of course the argument out there that charges of greenwashing may not end up being a bad thing because when there is criticism, companies are then forced to genuinely do more. Time will tell I guess.

    There are of course other initiatives involving cars and fuel going on that don’t involve oil at all, even in Australia. http://www.betterplace.com is one of them. 100% electric cars fueled by 100% renewable energy. I wonder if oil companies see this kind of thing as a threat, or could they change their business in the future to head in this direction?

  4. Hi Dom,

    It is interesting to note that BP haven’t bothered to update this website following the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico


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