How do you get banners noticed? Combine everything. AMP First

As sad as it is, I normally don’t pay too much attention to banners unless they are really different or combine a multiple of interesting elements. While doing some research on Rome, I came across this banner for AMP First. It’s the first banner that has made me stop and look for a while (see screens below).

AMP First - interactive banner

AMP First - interactive banner

AMP First - legals within banner

AMP First - legals within banner

AMP First - call  to action

AMP First - call to action

Why do I like this banner?

  1. User interaction: for the first iteration, the banner automatically selects one of the competitor products then it invites the user to select or compare another.
  2. Simple comparison: there are several elements that most consumer compare a savings/cash account against: rate, features and bank. This banner does it in a way that it only takes 2 seconds to understand. They have made something hard look simple.
  3. Legals aren’t a feature: most financial institutions legal department don’t allow a banner (or any piece of creative) to pass through without having sentences and sentences of legal disclaimers. This banner allows the user to interact and find out all the legal disclaimers without it taking away from the banner. Well done AMP legal!
  4. Summary end frame: the last frame of the banner summarises all of the account details and gives users a clear call to action.

For a financial banner, I think this is a really clean, simple and effective use of the space.



Does anyone else know any simple and effective banners?


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