T2 – the best tea, but the worst newsletter program (email)

I’m not a coffee drinker, so I love drinking a great cup of tea – herbal or other. My favourite tea is T2 because they have so much variety and great complimentary products.

After making a number of T2 purchases online, I subscribed to their newsletter specifically for the exclusive offers and knowing about the new teas were launching. When I subscribed, I can actually remeber looking forward to recieving the email.

That was until the email actually arrived, see below:

T2 January 2010 newsletter

T2 January 2010 newsletter

All I can say is boring. There is nothing I really want to know, it is just pushing me to buy more tea. Typical company who doesn’t really have an ongoing strategy for value creation with their customers.

I have received three emails from T2, all very similar.

T2 Email Overview

T2 Email Overview

November 2009 email – update with a focus on getting ready for the holiday season

T2 November 2009 - Email newsletter

T2 November 2009 - Email newsletter

December 2009 email – thank you email without an incentive

T2 December 2009 - Email newsletter

T2 December 2009 - Email newsletter


  • Purpose: Make sure that every communication you send to a consumer has a purpose. The only purpose for T2 emails is self serving for the company. Most companies send emails to try and sell more products, but they don’t need to be so overt.
  • Value: Give your subscribers value. There isn’t anything there for the valued consumers. No incentives or offers. Give the subscribers something they won’t get else where. It doesn’t have to be financial incentives, but they do help.
  • Loyalty program: T2 tea isn’t cheap and if you are buying a few bags of tea, there isn’t much change from $100. They don’t offer any loyalty or reward programs for buying a lot of tea. The only incentive is if you go instore and can sample the tea of the day.




2 Responses to T2 – the best tea, but the worst newsletter program (email)

  1. J T says:

    We would like to firstly thankyou for supporting T2 in the past and have really welcomed your thoughts on our initial e-newsletters.
    With the knowledge that you have been exposed to many businesses embarking for the first time in this medium of communication, we would be grateful if you grant us the opportunity to explain our creative process.
    This process has developed over a period of time into one that in our hearts certainly reflects the brand. It is drawn from sharing thoughts over tea, a calm moment, pause and reflection as well as quirk and some cheeky fun.
    We felt that we wanted our first newsletter to simply be courteous, a welcome to our many friends. The second a generous, festive thankyou for Christmas and the third a few tips on what we are drinking to revive from the season just past.
    Since then we have had plays on themes of Oscar red carpet, graffiti bombed shopfronts, free freight, Easter chocolate and the soon to be released elegant bygone saga of Darjeeling.
    The Purpose is to hopefully reflect variety across taste and generation, as we do with our products.
    The Value is informing our friends of news of products without pushing an average special deal or predictable sale. The community of e-newsletters is already well populated in this way. With all this in mind we wanted one of many of our communication forums with our customers to be fun and a little different.
    The T2 Loyalty program has been recognised as hugely valuable to all for some time and is tabled for the coming financial year.

    We thankyou again for your very constructive feedback, we hope you have remained a breast of our more recent newsletters and have maybe found them to be a little more progressive.

    With warm regards the T2 family

  2. Zach says:

    great response… love it. There are always couch critics… There is NO free lunch

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