CHALLENGE: How do you make a promotion successful without attracting prize pigs?

We are currently running a promotion to encourage people to sign up to the Baileys Lounge (yes, yummy Baileys Irish Cream). The competition is win 1 of 5 LG LCD TVs if you sign up to the Baileys Lounge. The Baileys Lounge provides great recipes for how to use Baileys, in drinks and as deserts, as well as special offers from third-parties. One of the KPIs is obviously additional sign-ups to the Baileys Lounge – I can’t tell you the exact numbers but they are ambitious.

Baileys Lounge Registration form

Baileys Lounge Registration form


How do we get the word out about the promotion without spamming the competition and prize pig sites? Another element is that we need this to go ‘viral’ and be dependent on word-of-mouth rather than media. Ideally, we would prefer for the prize pigs not to enter the competition because their opt-out rates will be high as the program goes on.  WE WANT BAILEYS LOVERS! People who love Baileys and what to know how and when to drink it – as well as getting some exclusive offers.


I would love to know what you think, so please post some comments if you have anything.

START COMMENTING NOW! Put your viral thinking caps on……..YAY!

Look forward to hearing all of your thoughts and ideas.


5 Responses to CHALLENGE: How do you make a promotion successful without attracting prize pigs?

  1. Can I have an LG TVC if I give you a good idea??

  2. It can be such a daunting task finding one. Last time I switched it took me 4 tries to find a good one.

  3. Jessi B says:

    Hey Dominque,

    My initial thoughts are firstly knowing who you’re talking to, how they find and share content with friends (is it email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc.) and the perception of the product is obviously very important to ensure you have the right approach.

    Giving Bailey’s brand evangelists something that will ramp up their social kudos and encourage content sharing is obviously the goal. How to do this, will rely on the data above.

    Other things I’d consider:
    Does the Baileys Lounge have an existing community that you can leverage / incentivise?
    Do you have budget to produce compelling content?
    What’s the relationship with LG LCD TVs?
    Can the ‘lounge’ not lure new members in on its own merits?

    Sorry not a concrete idea, more ramblings, however good luck with the promotion. Let me know how it goes 🙂


  4. Chris Garner says:

    I ran this campaign across Europe including UK, France, Germany in which we signed 100,000 users to the Baileys Lounge. Please get in touch and we can discuss available options?



  5. allanuber says:

    We’d have to assume you’ve got a bucket of data on existing customers, and that you’ve successfully marketed to them before … so it’s gotta be time to focus on the areas where you *don’t* have great customer penetration.

    Are there men who are going to use Baileys as a pickup tool, are there husbands who want to win points by making an awesome desert for the missus, are there suburbanites who think making a black russian is mega-exotic? Is it going to be to all the budding barrista’s so they can spice up their dessert coffees?

    Marketing to the same ‘girls who like sweet drinks’ crowd is going to just get repeats on the same database you’ve already got – if you want new people you need to dig into new markets.

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