Google Shopping US (Beta) – eComm stores beware!

Google are constantly refining and testing their search results pages. Something they are trialling in the US is Google Shopping. It is unbelievable and will change the way eCommerce sites do business.

I’m currently working on the launch of an eCommerce site and when I saw these updates to the search results it definitely made me rethink the positioning and the requirement for the site. Why? Because of the following reasons:

  • POWER: it takes the power away from the eCommerce sites and brings it back to Google and the user. The user can shop based on price, payment models or reviews.
  • PRICE: everything is going to be aggregated based on price. Most manufactures online stores don’t compete with the online retailers because they don’t want to discourage them buying their products – so this is going to be a hard area to compete on anything other than price.
  • REVIEWS: customer reviews are going to be even more important, so the manufactures are going to need to encourage customers to prepare reviews.

I think it is a great enhancement – it means the eCommerce sites are going to need to have a strong (and loyal) group of followers and the offers (including price) are going to become even more important.

eCRM is going to be important – so if you are an online retailer, start planning now!

GOOGLE SHOPPING OVERVIEW – journey through Google Shopping for a digital camera


3 Responses to Google Shopping US (Beta) – eComm stores beware!

  1. blog is presented in a nice way!!

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  3. byronagetz says:

    its amazing i think

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