Air NZ email update – simple, but love it

I’m a big fan of the Air NZ email templates. They constantly amaze me how they can turn a simple email template into something that looks great. Their themes and header graphics really help to do that.

I just received an email last week and found that they have updated the top of their email to include the logo, subscription preference and social links (see screen grabs below). I really like that they have included their logo in this top section, even though there is a double logo top left. Perfect to handle any image blockers and frustrating image restricting email clients.

Air NZ email example header - 2 August 2010

Air NZ email example header - 2 August 2010

Air NZ email example header - 2 August 2010 (details)

Air NZ email example header - 2 August 2010 (details)


There really is only one thing missing from this revised email header. It is a link to ‘viewing on mobile device’, which if the stats were looked at I’m sure it’s on the rise.



2 Responses to Air NZ email update – simple, but love it

  1. Cameron says:

    Hi Dom, FYI most of Australia’s top Web sites are accessed around 12-17% (huge), by a mobile device and yet most don’t have agents set in the index etc. so your phone will try and render the deskWeb version. They should auto deflect to a Mobile version of the site and offer an experience there also, even with a click-to-call etc.

  2. Cheers for that. We’ve actually spent some time thinking about how we could optimise the email template itself (from a development and usability point of view) to get it looking as good as it can in as many email clients as possible – long before I started work on updating the design. The foundation of our research was primarily based on statistics of previous emails (as well as international guides) on email clients and past usage.

    Some of the most important changes we’ve made was ensuring the overall code size is less than 100KB (to ensure that it doesn’t get truncated in Gmail, for instance); updated all the Call to Actions to have them visible even when images aren’t automatically downloaded (the Book Now buttons have been changed to a text link in a coloured cell with a background image); switched to a single-line laundry list that uses less than half the amount of code the two-column used to do; and some smaller fixes and updates to make sure that the email behaves the way it should in newer versions of Outlook. The Koru in the header strip contains copy in the ALT tag that is aligned with the hero messaging, which is then the first line of copy that is displayed in preview panes (like Gmail, for example).

    We also looked at some minor contextual changes, like putting the social sharing links up in the header (which have produced spectacular results in our latest reporting); and grouping the sections about Air New Zealand’s points of contact near the footer. This is all part of a wider strategy around the Special Offers programme, so look forward to some more (subtle) changes soon; we’re working on implementing Mail User Agent Detection for personalising content further, as well as some more lovely little surprises.

    Thank you for your comments about the email template (it’s always great to get such positive feedback). Our emails are already iPhone friendly, and we’ll definitely explore your suggestion about mobile devices further …

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