Paris Marathon Learnings – what to do better next time!

On 11th April 2010, Justin and I did the Paris marathon. It was my first marathon and I loved every minute (even if I was absolutely shattered at the 37km mark). The people and the 80 bands who lined the streets definitely made the run even more wonderful and because of these bands I managed to run 43km rather than 42.2km. I ran over to every band to clap and thank them for there support – weird I know.

Yesterday I received confirmation that I’ve been accepted to run the Tokyo marathon in February 2011 and I can’t wait. The goal is to run somewhere between 3.30 and 3.45 so I had better get training. EICK!

While going through my emails, I came across my 10 learnings from running the Paris marathon and wanted to share (BTW – this is more for me to remember over time).

Dom’s top 10 marathon running tips:

  1. Taper: cut training right down from 7 days (if you are going stir crazy, do other forms of exercise like walking)
  2. Gels: have one at the start of the race and then at every 10km (need to take 5 in total)
  3. Water: walk through every water station while drinking – it gives your legs a chance to recover and changes pace so you are ready to run hard when you start
  4. Anti-inflammatory: take Voltaren before the run and then at the half way mark on the run – smother body with Deep Heat before running
  5. Run cool: don’t over dress – dress for 15 degrees warmer (when we started Paris, it was 3 degrees – I totally overdressed in leggins and a long sleeve shirt, Juz ran in a singlet and shorts – eick!)
  6. Food: don’t carbo load, small regular meals two days before – a big meal the night before will follow you on the run
  7. Pre-race food: small bowl of cereal and yogurt
  8. Prepare: get ready night before, charge watch and iPod (lay everything out)
  9. Magnesium: have a glass of Ultra Muscle Ease (magnesium) in the morning to help with the muscles and then as soon as you get home after the run
  10. Talk: make sure you talk to people on the run and enjoy it (I managed to talk to about 15 people throughout the run, mainly the old people who had run over 100 marathons – hard core. Best memory was running most of the way with an old Spanish guy who couldn’t speak English and then seeing him at the end of the race – Awesome how you bond with someone after 25km of running with them).

Love to hear about your best running tips. Can’t wait to get the plan together for Toyko. YAY for runnning!

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