US Google search results – Buy from search

The Google search results we see in Australia are totally different to those seen in the US. The US is definitely a lot more advance in how they are serving up content and the additional functionality in the paid search results.

If you search for ‘tag heuer’, the following appears (as at 7 November 2010).

Google search results US - shopping

Google search results US - shopping (7 November 2010)

The key areas that are different from AU search results are:

  • ‘Ads’: all paid search terms are referred to as ‘Ads’ rather than ‘Sponsored links’
  • Google Checkout: people can check out from the paid search terms
  • Discount: people can get a discount when they click through from the paid search term
  • Images: rather than just text, the paid search ads have images associated next to them – all images have a price next to them.

Let’s compare that to the AU google search results page:

Google search results (AU) - 7 November 2010

Google search results (AU) - 7 November 2010

The main difference is that there are no paid search terms at all for ‘Tag Heuer’. Not sure if that is because Tag have protected their term – very silly if they have and aren’t allowing any of the retailers to jump on board.


Some other screens within Google that I think are fascinating in the US are the following:

Credit cards Google search US - 7 November 2010

Credit cards Google search US - 7 November 2010

The thing I love about this screen is Google introducing their comparison area – which is basically their own affiliate network. This deserves a whole post to itself, but if you want to check it out, click here.



  • Global test: when you are overseas do a couple of Google searches to see how different the search results are compared to AU.
  • Local test: continually test what improvements to the search results page Google are introducing.

I love how much more Google are adding to search. It is scary how much they are starting to control. They will take over from Microsoft one day as the evil empire! Starting to take bets on when that will be. I’m estimating late 2013.

3 Responses to US Google search results – Buy from search

  1. Tim says:

    I use a proxy to watch UK and US TV online and it is also great to see what different search results come up and also the different advertising around the globe.

  2. Yeranidi Ott says:

    Hotspot Shield is a free VPN service that makes it appear as though you’re computer is located in the US.

    It’s great for geo-restricted entertainment services like Hulu and Pandora. You can check out some Google search results whilst you’re at it. You’ll be served US display ads too.

    No need to wait for your next trip to the US.

    TIP: Run a spellcheck on all your posts, there’s a typo in your navigation “SOCIAL MARKEING” and quite a few throughout your posts.

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