Qantas – Checking customer satisfaction for flights

I am extremely loyal to Qantas. I go out of my way to fly them no matter what safety problems or PR issues they are facing. Even when they are late, I will still fly Qantas over any airline.
In August 2010, I received a follow up email asking me about their service & areas for improvement. After flying with Qantas for 15yrs, this was the first request I’ve ever had for areas of improvement.
I would be interesting to know if this was something needed to support all of the current concerns or a whole hearted attempt to improve the service. I haven’t received a follow up or any additional information, but am really interested in what they have done with the information & how they have actually used my responses & the others collected.
The survey took 15mins & was 46 slides/ questions with multiple variations & requirements needed for each answer. The key sections were:
  1. Before we begin
  2. About the flight
  3. Booking this flight
  4. Checking in
  5. Security screening
  6. The terminal
  7. The Qantas Club
  8. Boarding & Departure of your flight
  9. Summing up the on-ground service experience
  10. The Qantas Cabin Crew
  11. Meals & drinks service
  12. The Aircraft facilities
  13. Inflight entertainment
  14. Your flight arrival
  15. Valet parking
  16. About you
  17. Summing up

I’ve captured the survey and uploaded to SlideShare for anyone who is interested.


There are a couple of areas that should be a focus for Qantas surveys in the future:
  1. Follow up: all of my contact details were provided, so it would make sense that at least an update or status update on what impact the answers had on Qantas & their service.
  2. Options: ability to choose a short or a long version of the survey.

One Response to Qantas – Checking customer satisfaction for flights

  1. Wonder if this Data is tied to your customer record in their CRM database?


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