Why Country Road’s loyalty program is so successful?

I love Country Road’s loyalty program. They combine a good use of emails, DM and catalogues to keep their base engaged and remind them to go back into store and spend money.

In 2010, Country Road sent 37 email marketing messages across a range of different topics and themes. All of them were promoting in-store and online retailing (no surprises there).

Below is a summary of some of the communications that they sent out in 2010, across emails, DM and the subscriber section on their website.


  • DM reminders help reinforce email messages
  • Catalogues with offers promote purchase of the advertised goods (I always go in store as soon as I receive them)
  • Email messages need a constant theme or design to help keep costs down.

To find out more, please get in contact with us at WiTH Collective.


4 Responses to Why Country Road’s loyalty program is so successful?

  1. John says:


    Their online loyalty program is also backed up well in store with excellent sales representation and customer service. I have always been alerted to discounts or special offers by the staff, even one or two days early. This helps in the removal of any resentment if you have purchased heavily the day before a big sale.



  2. Anthony says:


    It is becoming increasingly a fight to be the cheapest and marketers have to get smarter and ad value – customer knowledge and personalisation will ad som much more to a shopping experience.


  3. I will surely share this awesome content to my friends, great job!

  4. Inty says:

    My girlfriend gets email every weekend from country road with loyalty deals…And they definitely get her business! Haha. I’m not complaining though I get the odd gift 🙂 From my internet marketing perspective I think they have really nailed their email campaigns

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