PRESENTATION: Digital isn’t everything, it’s part of the pie

I recently did a presentation to a group of commercial printers who service the advertising and design industry. They were interested in understanding how they could tailor their services to compete in a digital world and what they could do to increase their services.

The theme of my presentation was around ‘Digital isn’t everything, it’s part of the pie’. The presentation covered the following:


  • History of the Internet – from 1968 to today
  • Australian digital trends and statistics – eCommerce spend, female & male online habits, age groups, media consumption habits


  • Customer journey – from awareness to retention
  • Overcoming customer blindness – personal data capture
  • Email communications – Bluefly January 2011 total emails (57 in the month)
  • CRM programs – Qantas, Country Road and Apple


    The top five actions for commercial printers are:

    1. Understand the digital space
    2. Understand the data capabilities of brands & campaigns
    3. Tailor your product offering to have increased creativity through the use of data
    4. Redevelop your production process that allows short rapid print runs – online tonight, mail tomorrow
    5. Evangelise to Creative Agencies (Studio Managers, Creative Directors, Production Managers) & Clients.

    To understand how we can tailor a solution for you, please visit WiTH Collective.

    Digital Training – new slide share presentations

    In May 2010, Leo Burnett APAC organised a digital bootcamp in Singapore to help get a selection of agency staff up to speed with all things digital marketing. It was an intensive three days of lectures and group discussions. The core topics covered included:

    • Search
    • Mobile
    • eCRM
    • Project Management
    • Social Marketing
    • Technical
    • Website Design
    • Creative Inspiration

    Below are two of the presentations I prepared on search and CRM:

    CRM: An Introduction

    Search Engine Strategies: Introduction

    For other digital marketing presentations, please refer to my slideshare account.

    How companies are recognising customer’s birthday? Sephora email

    Ok, so it’s been a while, but I’m back and inspired about email marketing and a few other digital marketing things.

    February is one of the best months because it’s my birthday and I can see which companies I subscribe (newsletters) remember my birthday and what they offer me. My birthday is under two weeks away and I’ve only received one email targeting my birthday. The thoughtful email was from Sephora, a US cosmetic and beauty company doing some great stuff online.

    Below is the email I received:

    Sephora - My birthday email sent on 6 Feb 2010

    Sephora - My birthday email sent on 6 Feb 2010

    This email details are:

    • Send date: Saturday, 6th February 2010 – exactly two weeks before my birthday
    • Send time: 8.59pm (Sydney time)
    • Subject line: It’s almost your birthday! Open your gift early.
    • Offer: Beautiful Eyes Kit redeemable instore or online
    • Small print: The offer is valid for one month (two weeks before and two weeks after my birthday)

    When I clicked through to the site from the email, this is the journey I went on.

    1. Signed in page (personalised Sephora page)

    Sephora Login - Birthday message

    Sephora Login - Birthday message

    2. Birthday offer highlighted as the first message

    Sephora Login - Birthday message details

    Sephora Login - Birthday message details

    3. Automatic offer included in checkout

    Sephora Login - Checkout with birthday message

    Sephora Login - Checkout with birthday message


    • Subject lines: Subject line invites you to open the email because there is a mention of a gift. I opened this email instantly to see what my present was.
    • Customer journey: Ensure the customer journey is seamless. If you make it easy for a consumer, they have a great experience and will return.



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