Overview of Apple’s email marketing

OK, so I have become a little obsessed with Apple’s email marketing and understanding what they are doing and not doing.

Below is a presentation showing Apple’s email marketing or a collection of all the images used in the previous posts, as well as a screen grab of the email visable in the preview panel. It’s an interesting journey and has definitely helped me understand more about their ongoing communications and why clients love Apple so much.


Are there any other company emails/newsletters that you think are doing a great job? Would be really interested to read anything else?



Woolworths Get the Facts – ACCC price enquiry site

While I was at Mark/M&C Saatchi, we created a site for Woolworths to help address any consumer questions that arose out of the ACCC enquiry. It was Woolworths Facts (see screen grabs below).

Woolworths Get the Facts - website

Woolworths Get the Facts - website

It provided information about Woolworths: the amount of money they made, where their supplies came from, facts about the Woolworths business, how global changes affect food prices and a lot more.

Woolworths Facts - Beef supply

Woolworths Facts - Beef supply

Woolworths Facts - Interesting stats

Woolworths Facts - Interesting stats

With so many businesses trying to guarantee their customers that they are being open and honest with them, if a company can’t sustain a blog this is a great alternative. It does need to be maintained and must have topical and relevant information.


  1. Media support – the only place this campaign was promoted was via a small promotional tile on the Woolworths homepage. Because Woolworths are the only retailer within the Australian market focused on providing ‘The Facts’, they should be promoting it in additional places.
  2. Email support – building on the media support, there should have been an email sent to the Woolworths Everyday Rewards database. This could have been an element of a usual newsletter rather than a bespoke email focused on ‘The Facts’.
  3. Maintenance – to ensure a site like this remains fresh and relevant, it must be maintained and updated with current information. There needs to be a maintenance plan with regular updates scheduled.


  1. Get the Facts – Companies trying to be honest
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